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Hours and Facilities


  • Our tutors and students meet at a time and public location of their convenience. 

  • Our locations of choice have been the Door County libraries and we hope to continue using these facilities.

  • However, classes can be held at other public locations deemed suitable by both the student and the tutor. 

  • We want to reach the students wherever and whenever they are available so we pride ourselves in being flexible in arranging for both schedule and location.

  • In the future, and as we connect with other organizations that serve our community, we hope to list here a varied number of approved sites which will also be identified, in situ, by one of our signs. Stay posted!


Nuestras clases ocurren cuándo y dónde sea conveniente para el tutor y el estudiante. Normalmente las clases son en una de las bibliotecas de Door County pero es posible cambiar a otra localización pública más conveniente. En el futuro incluiremos aquí una lista de locales opcionales. 

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